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Join Jami and her husband Brian Boys of the website An Oregon Cottage as they discuss cooking simple, real foods, growing food and flowers, and tackling easy home improvement and decor projects. You'll hear the things that went well, as well as things that didn't go according to plan (that you just have to laugh about).

Jan 23, 2021

It's been three years since we bought our hundred year old farmhouse fixer in rural Oregon. It seems like it needed everything repaired except the location. In this episode we quickly review our progress over the first two years and then bring you up to date on what we've just completed in year three. 

Oct 30, 2020

In this special episode of Simple Homemade Life, we're bringing you a full farmhouse tour - the first we've done since the before tours! See what we've done, where we're at in the remodel, and even some spaces we haven't shown before. We're finally in the stages of finishing rooms instead of foundation, electrical,...

Oct 16, 2020

By mid-fall (some prefer to say "autumn") most of your produce is harvested and your plants are starting to decline. Jami talks about how this is a great time to do some final tasks to get ready for winter and a healthy growing season next year. Plus we have a few things to show you as we renovate the farmhouse.

Oct 2, 2020

At the end of the garden harvest season you have a lot of vegetables coming in and you need to preserve as much as you can. No wonder posts about preserving are getting the most traffic on Jami shares her top five tips for easy preserving, things that will save you lots of time and ensure you can...

Sep 18, 2020

Meal planning not only saved us money and helped us to eat much more healthy food, but it saved Jami's sanity. When you know what you're going to have for dinner in advance you don't get that sinking feeling at 5 PM each day wondering what you'll come up with. Plus, your shopping will be streamlined and your family will...